West Rain

The Investment Objective of the Fund is to aim to deliver long term above market returns while controlling for risk. Its investment focus will be primarily US, HK, China and Singapore equities, and assessed using the value investing methodology, modeling that of the world famous investor Warren Buffett.

Snapshot - Unlocking long term value through high quality stocks
  • Participation in companies with strong qualities:
    • Industry leaders which have competitive advantages over its competitors
    • Companies with profitable business models and sound long term strategies
    • Companies with solid balance sheet, healthy cashflow, and a strong ability to handle short term or long term debt
    • Companies with long term growth potential, or above average dividend returns
    • Companies with capable management, persistent character, and with shareholder’s interest in mind
    • Companies that aim to contribute to the economy, society and government in the long term, which in turn reduce their long term risk exposure from government policies.